'Wellness' is the freedom to move fluidly through the life cycles of being human.
- Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski
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A lot about you...

It can be quite difficult to make the decision to seek help for our stresses and concerns. We believe we "should" be able to figure it out on our own, with some advise.  We may think that what we are anxious about is, well, not really that important, or that a little research can provide all the answers needed. These paths can be beneficial, but sometimes they may not work fully or may leave us with greater feelings of frustration and self-defeat.

As a counselor I am a trained facilitator. My role is to help you move toward greater clarity with insight and awareness. It is a process that is often enlightening, sad, challenging, funny, frustrating, and majestic. At the end of our shared time, you should be able to leave with new self-understanding and many new options for problem or crisis-resolution. I consider it a great honor to help you through whatever issues you bring.

A little about me...

I have worked in the counseling field, and specifically in the areas of behavioral/mental health and substance disorders, for over fifteen years. Prior to living on the Outer Banks, I lived in Southern California, New York, Chicago and Montreal.

My prior careers include organizational consulting as well as management work in the hospitality industry. Both taught me a tremendous amount about human behavior and the importance of connection.